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Covid-19 Disclaimer

We will be complying with State and Local regulations and orders. The dates listed on this page are our goal. If we find we will miss some of our planned dates, we will keep working to complete the competition. We will keep Entrants and Judges informed to any changes in the schedule.

Due to the additional cost of sanitation supplies, additional judging sessions (lunches) and purchasing scarce case boxes, we are keeping the scoresheet handing fee to $10 this year.

Note to Judges: We will be working on more defined judging sessions to maintain physical distancing. We will be working to make sure our judging environments are safe. If potential judges have any concerns, please let us know of your concerns. We still need a good judge turnout to make the Limbo Challenge 2021 Edition a success.

Missing "Competition Entry Form" Fees of $5 per entry

Session beer -- the staple of the beer world -- now has its own homebrew competition. The North Texas Home Brewers Association presents the 2021 Limbo Challenge, to recognize the best of the refreshing low-gravity beers perfected by homebrewers across the nation.

The Limbo Challenge rewards nuance and skill in brewing the beers we drink and drink and drink. You brew it - you quaff it - you love it. Now enter it!

Entry categories are limited to lower alcohol beers with starting gravities of about 1.050 or below.

The Limbo Challenge is an AHA and BJCP sanctioned competition.

The Limbo Challenge is one of the 9 competitions on The Lonestar Circuit.

7/12/2021 - 7/28/2021 Entries accepted. Fee: $10 per entry to receive your commemorative score sheets.  
  Ship your entries to or drop them off at:  
  Homebrew Headquarters
300 N. Coit Rd, Suite 134
Richardson, TX 75080
  Please do not drop entries off in six-pack holders!

Entries left in six-pack holders are more likely to become lost or broken. Pack your entries in a box. You don't need to pack them up like you would for shipping with a ton of packing material, just make them secure. Don't forget to include your entry documentation inside the box with your entries.

7/31/2021 Log-In

Begins at 9:00am
For the folks that want to drop off entries at login, Such as the folks that drive up entries from Houston and Austin, entries must arrive by 10:00am!

Home of Walter Hodges
2203 Le Mans Dr
Carrollton, TX

8/6/2021 - 8/8/2021 Judging

Begins at 7:00pm on Friday, 9:00 am on Saturday and 11:00 am on Sunday (if needed)

Home of James Smith
4100 Camino Drive
Plano, TX


8/21/2021 Awards Ceremony

Home of Melinda and Brian Beyer
2117 Rheims
Carrollton, TX

Our Sponsors Thanks to the Limbo Challenge Sponsors for being the Shipping and Dropoff location.

Homebrew Headquarters
300 N. Coit Road, Suite 134
Richardson, TX 75080

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