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The Limbo Challenge competition is open to the following categories. Please refer to the 2015 BJCP style guidelines from the BJCP web site for complete style descriptions.

Light Lagers and Ales

1A   American Light Lager
1B   American Lager
1C   Cream Ale
1D   American Wheat Beer
18A   Blonde Ale
27A7 Historical Beer   Pre-prohibition Lager

European Lager

2A   International Pale Lager
2B   International Amber Lager
2C   International Dark Lager
3A   Czech Pale Lager
3B   Czech Premium Pale Lager
3C   Czech Amber Lager
3D   Czech Dark Lager
4A   Munich Helles

Pale Bitter European

5A   German Leichtbier
5B   Kölsch
5C   German Helles Exportbier
5D   German Pils

Amber/Dark European

7A   Vienna Lager
7B   Altbier
7C   Kellerbier - includes Amber and Pale
8A   Munich Dunkel
8B   Schwarzbier

German & Belgian Wheat

10A   Wiessbier
10B   Dunkles Weissbier
24A   Witbier
27A4 Historical Beer   Roggenbier

British Bitter & Pale

11A   Ordinary Bitter
11B   Best Bitter
12A   British Golden Ale
12B   Australian Sparkling Ale

British Brown

13A   Dark Mild
13B   British Brown Ale
13C   English Porter

27A9 Historical Beer   London Brown Ale

Scottish & Irish

14A   Scottish Light
14B   Scottish Heavy
15A   Irish Red Ale
15B   Irish Stout

American Ale

18B   American Pale Ale
19A   American Amber Ale

19B   California Common
19C   American Brown Ale
27A6 Historical Beer   Kentucky Common
27A8 Historical Beer   Pre-prohibition Porter

Session IPA

21B   Specialty IPA

Belgian Ale

24B   Belgian Pale Ale
25B   Saison - Table Strength
26A   Trappist Single

Specialty Session Ale

29A   Fruit Beer - Session Strength
29B   Fruit & Spice Beer
29C   Specialty Fruit Beer
30A   Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

34C   Experimental Beer - Session Strength

Wild, Sour, Smoked & Woody

23A   Berliner Weiss
23D   Lambic
28A   Brett Beer
28B   Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer
28C   Wild Specialty Beer

32A   Classic Style Smoked Beer
32B   Specialty Smoked Beer
33A   Wood-Aged Beer
27A1 Historical Beer   Gose
27A2 Historical Beer   Piwo Grodziskie
27A3 Historical Beer   Lictenhainer

Special Category : Lawnmower Beer      Category #: 35A

This special category will be judged separately and is not eligible for Best of Show. A special "Golden Blade" trophy will be awarded to the winning entrant. This category is open to any style of beer, including beers that do not fit a BJCP style category. These entries will not be judged according to BJCP guidelines. Rather, in the spirit of the session beer theme of the Limbo Challenge, judges will be instructed to grade the entries based on how refreshing they are. Judges will be asked to picture themselves in North Texas in mid-August having just mowed the lawn. Those of you in cooler climes will have to use your imagination - those of us around these parts live it every year! The judges will have to determine which beer would best "hit the spot" after a grueling day under the Texas sun.

A few special rules apply to the Lawnmower Beer category:

(1) One entry per brewer

(2) Only two bottles are required

The Limbo Challenge is open to homebrewed beers in the categories listed above. See the allowed entry count limitations on the Competition Rules page and the score sheet fee schedule on home page. Payment is via Paypal only and you must pay for your entries before printing your bottle lables and entry sheet.

For each entry except Lawnmower, send three 10-12 oz. bottles. For Lawnmower send 2 bottles. Use brown bottles and remove all commercial and homemade labels and identifying markings. Use unmarked caps or obscure all markings and colors with a sharpie. A completed bottle label must be attached to each bottle with a rubber band -- no tape or glue. Any entry not meeting the above requirements will be disqualified. See full rules for complete information.

Ship your entries with your registrations form and check to, or drop them off at the locations listed on the Home page.

The Style Guidelines document used in the Limbo Challenge is available at this link: Limbo Style Guidelines

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